The American Dreamwright’s Workshop



January 22 – Sherilynn Cherry – Gun

Workshop: Revisiting the Premise / Truby 7 Steps


February 5 – Jennie Brown– The Lessons

Workshop: Premise / Truby on 7 Steps (continued)


February 19 – BUDDY WHITE’S PLAY this weekend – Production of OPHELIA CHOOSES at the “No Holds Bard” Festival this weekend at the Z. Please attend and support Buddy.


March 5 – WORKSHOP –

Exercises based on Will Dunne/The Playwright’s Companion

Writing for the Stage / Constructing Scenes


March 19 – Chris Anderson – Frances Perkins Act 2

Workshop:  Handling Multiple characters/sets – Introducing large casts to an audience


April 2 – Jean Klein and Sibel Galindez – Grace

Ed: Writing in the stratosphere /  Building the world of the play


April 23 – Clyde Santana and Valli – Lolly’s Miracle

Workshop:  writing from real life experience


May 7 – Buddy White – Señor Rita

Workshop: The Risks and Rewards of Satire


May 21 – Patti Wray – The Truth Be Told

Workshop: What questions do you ask yourself for last stage revisions


June – TBD – Reading of Alphatricity – (musical) by Dr. Ted Ferguson and Clyde Santana


NOTE: These are table readings so we will primarily be casting from the group (with some exceptions). If you have actors that will read parts for your play, please let us know. Additionally, send your scripts to Clyde Santana at least two weeks before the reading. Also, if you are not going to be able to attend, please give him as much advance notice as possible (two weeks) so that he won’t count on you for the reading.

Until notified otherwise, all plays will be read virtually on the Zoom Platform provided by Jean Klein.

In order to join the workshop, send an email to The Z’s Artistic Director, Bart Kuebler, [email protected].