The American Dreamwright鈥檚 Workshop

2019-20 Season

The American Dreamwright鈥檚 Workshop is the Z鈥檚 resident community of playwrights. The workshop meets twice monthly throughout the year. Workshop members enjoy special access to the Z鈥檚 Hatchery productions and other associated playwrights. The workshop is open to anyone wishing to explore dramatic writing, regardless of experience level.

The workshop meets on the following dates in the 2019-20 season:

14 September 路 19 October 路 2 November 路 16 November 路 7 December 路聽

11 January 路 25 January 路 8 February 路 29 February 路 14 March 路 28 March 路 11 April 路 25 April

9 May 路 23 May

All meetings are at 10 AM in the main lobby of the Z.

September and October have one meeting each due to member involvement in the Z鈥檚 annual Proteus Festival. The bulk of the new theater works presented at Proteus come from the workshop鈥檚 writers. Additionally, the workshop鈥檚 season ends with 鈥淲orks in Progress鈥 in June. 鈥淲orks in Progress鈥 features fully-staged scenes from new pieces the writers have developed over the previous year.

The workshop鈥檚 leaders are Clyde Santana and Jean Klein. Special guests in the coming season include Faye Chao & Tascha Solmon, writers of the musical 鈥淔ountain of You鈥 and members of the BMI Lehman Engel workshop; and Anton Dudley & Michael Cooper, writers of the newly-commissioned musical 鈥淩emembering Tomorrow.鈥

Members of the workshop are vital constituents of the Z鈥檚 theatrical community. As such, each Hatchery production hosts events for workshop members, and members enjoy special access to other theatrical productions throughout the season. This season鈥檚 events include the following:

1 November: Grotesquerie Lake, 7:30 PM (part of The Hatchery)

23 November: Basses Are Loaded, 7:30 PM (part of The Hatchery)

23 January: Preview night of St. Irene鈥檚, 7:30 PM (part of The Hatchery)

19 February: Macbeth, 7:30 PM (part of 鈥淣o Holds Bard鈥 Shakespeare Festival)

13 March: Remembering Tomorrow, 7:30 PM (part of The Hatchery)

9 April: Next to Normal, 7:30 PM (co-production with Virginia Musical Theatre and the Governor鈥檚 School for the Arts)



Saturday, MARCH 28th


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