VB Comedy Fest

12 Hours of Stand Up, Improv, and Sketch Comedy

August 24, 2019

Saturday 9:30am - 11pm

Main Stage Theater, Studio Theater

VB Comedy Fest is a festival that celebrates comedy in all its forms.  Stand Up, Improv, and Sketch... you name it, we wanna laugh at it.  A festival that provides participants the opportunity to see what our local performers have to offer as well as our friends from outside the Hampton Roads area.

Proteus Festival 2019

Music, Theater, and Film!

October 08, 2019 to October 13, 2019


The Z’s annual Proteus Festival is a multi-day celebration of creative experiences. The Proteus artists present over forty performances in six days and foster the creation of a dozen new works. The Z becomes a continual hub of new experiences. The unique, the unknown, and the unforgettable take the stage in an explosion of Protean spirit in Neptune’s city. Proteus Festival serves all creative arts, but highlights three in particular: music, theater, and film. 

No Holds Bard

Shakespeare Remade

February 19, 2020 to February 22, 2020

Wednesday through Saturday

No Holds Bard is a community-driven Shakespeare festival. From a newly-imagined Macbeth set in post-earthquake Haiti circa 2010 through our centerpiece bootleg-style presentation of Romeo and Juliet, we are calling on the support and participation of not only our local artists, but of anyone who has ever felt the glow of the limelight and the call of the boards. There is a little something for everyone in The Z’s Shakespeare festival. In addition to the afore-mentioned plays, we are presenting a concert of some of Shakespeare’s dozens of lyrics set to original music by local composers and songwriters and an evening of re-contextualized and newly-paraphrased classic scenes. Imagine Tybalt and Mercutio dueling it out in high-stakes poker, or young Henry exhorting his band of brothers to make one final pizza delivery.